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this post purposely done to get myself wake up!

hey2 fieqa!!
wake up girl!

are you still in the comfortable zone???

your exam is just around the corner..

3 weeks 3 days more..


you just sit there and doing nothing..
one thing to bear in mind,
you are using nation's money,
but still, you dont 'pay' it back
with appropriate doings that you should do.

during the LDV class,
when Madam Con replaced madam joanne's place in class,

she has boosted your spirit right?..

with her valuable words!

you are among the lucky people
who is chosen to be in this course.
your course offers you to study abroad,
but do you deserve it?
have you done things which you should do?

I know, not all of you are really interested to be in this course,
but you have to adopt and face it!

otherwise, you should quit from this course,

and pursue in any field that you are interested in!

(ya2...forget about your dream to study in MATH fieqa,
what Allah has decided for us is the best!..accept it!)

you are studying language..
not even have specific formula to memorise, apply or either to bring into practice,
so, you must use it.
train yourself to read voraciously,
so that you are familiar with this language.

okey mam...
I understand what you were trying to say..
but, mam..
I don't know..
maybe the problems are within myself..
I don't know either I can't adapt the course or the course is not suitable with me..
but honestly,

from day to day,

I can put my heart when studying this course..

I still can remember,

when you say,
even though you got A1 in English for your SPM,
can you excel in this course without putting a hardwork...
even though you got 10 A in ur SPM,
it will be nothing if you don't survive!..

erks, sgt2 terasa!!..
I got A1 for my english,

and I got 10A for my spm,
but it doesn't meant that I have just to let things easy!..
uh! it is not as easy as you may think!

english ohh english..
let's we discover the beauty of this language..
now, I love to study grammar,
or even all the subjects..
but mam,
I am quite not really agree with
the way TESL course develops the students to master english..
I don't know..
maybe I am the one who have to adapt..

ya...from the school that we were trained during our secondary school,
or to be precised studied in boarding school,

or in matrix too, we were very familiar with exam oriented basis~
yala, I was science stream student lorh..
when we were studying,
we did have many exam coming around,

understand the topic,

memorise the formulas,

answer the questions, n bla bla..

but, when it comes to TESL course,
I don't really have the feeling to 'afraid' of the exam,
or even to feel the tense of the exam,
maybe is because of,
we don't have the on going exams which marks are counted,
what we do have are,
exam for the grammar test..
and the assignmentSS and other coursework..
yap..I do agree,
by training us to write the critical essays in the assignment
could enhance our skills in english..
to develop our critical thinking..
or somehow rather,

to master TESL course,
it must starts from you yourself fieqa!

try to read as much as you can,
for you to widen your vocabs..
(ya2....I try not to miss to read newspaper everyday!)

talk in english for you to feel confident when using the languange..
(ya2,insyaAllah..slow slow la nie..;p)

sorry for my words..
this is just my reflection after being in this course for nearly two semester..

this is what I am thinking from the moment my class finished today..
I know,
I am just a newer in this language..
May Allah help me to study this course..

thanks for reading,
and feel free to drop comment,

which may boost my spirit,perhaps..
thank you! thank you!

we will have English Camp in IPGM Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim, (IPSAH,kedah).
next two weeks, from 4th -8th 09.
all TESL students in Malaysia, under The Ministry of education, are suppposed to join the camp..
there are many activities provided to let us enjoy with english..
(choral speaking,forum,public speaking,skits, n so on)
yeayy~..I am so excited!.
can widen our networking..
can't wait the day.. hope I can learn something from there..insyaAllah

ya2..forgot to inform..
hereby, I just want to upload our final design for our batch's t-shirt~..
syukur2, it finally accomplished.
still waiting to get the t-shirts..
thanks to all my cohort members for ur cooperation given..

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~cik zue~ at: April 24, 2009 at 5:22 PM said...


hailoh kak fieqa..!!
Allah dah tetapkan yg terbaek untuk anda...

herm.. you don't really afraid to take the exam?
yelaa~ dh biasa..
before this.. always emphasize on subjects that use "otak kiri"..
huhu sekarang situasinya dh tak sama!! ^_^

bitaufiqwannajah kak..
bez of luck yaa~

Nurul muslimaH at: April 24, 2009 at 7:43 PM said...

bismillah... agree with cik sue..
Allah dh ckp kn...Dia x kn bebankn kita dgn perkara yg x mmpu kita hadapi..

ckp bm la ek..sng sket nk smpaikan yg tersirat..hehe..

segala nya yg Allah suratkan kt kita mmg yg tu la yg t'baik buat kita...Allah lbih tahu mn yg lebih baik buat kita..kta igt blk..muhasabah diri blk...sbb apa kta diciptakan?utk b'ibadah pd kta apply kt dlm idup kita walaupun kita ni bkl jd english teacher (insyaallah)..jd teacher muslimah pd ms depan..trgetkn mtlmt pd ms dpn..ubh niat kita...klu dlu trget sy nk fly bila difikirkn blk...klu itu mind set hny akn dpt fly, berada di ngri org pd ms yg sm, ada x redha Allah dgn sy?as a muslimah..kita kna kuat...jihad walaupun x b'perang dgn org kta jihad krn belaja...krn Allah jua segala yg kita sndarkan..insyaallah...kita akn dpt kjyaan dunia, akhirat n redha Allah akn sntiasa dmpingi kita..insyaallah ^_^

fieqa at: April 25, 2009 at 5:22 AM said...

ct zue,

wslm dik!

great advices lorh..
inspired me lott!..
alhamdulillah, dah terima hakikat,
inilah yg tbaek ntok akk!..
Allah mengetahui sedangn manusia tidak mengetahui.
akk yakin menda ni sgt2..
ape yg Allah dah tetapkan adalah y terbaek..
xperlu nk regret2..
later, akk faham, nape Allah tetapkan akk kat course tesl ni..
yela, dulu mmg nk sgt amek MARA phz B kan, tu y maybe x ape y lbih pntg, mmg Allah dah tetapkan nie y terbaek,,
so, xyah nk regret2!!..
(menasihati diri sendiri)~~

kdg x feel sgt nk exam.
eh, tp maner boleh..
ne prepare sgt2 ntok exam.
spti lecturer ckp,
don't take things easy..
tu saje wat post nie, bg smgt kat diri sendiri!..insyaAllah

okey, thanks dik!.
all the best to you too..=)

thanks 4 da advices!

fieqa at: April 25, 2009 at 6:20 AM said...

nurul muslimah,

hye nurul!.
syukran2 ya ukhti for the precious words..
apa la sangat kite ni hnya manusia/hamba Allah y lemah..
mmg ne salu muhasabah diri..
tentg ape tjuan kejadian kite di muka bumi nie.
ntok menjadi khalifah n beribadah kpd Allah..
thanks sgt2 atas peringatan tue..

diakui juga,
sering gak lalai.dgn urusan dunia
ampunkan dosa ku Ya Allah.

even study english,
kita x ley sekular kan mnde nie,
untuk tidak belajar ilmu agama..
tu ape y sy dpt la..
moge sama2 kite trus kuat berada dlm jalan mengenal cinta Allah,amiin ya rabbal alamin..

thnx sgt2 for the advices..
thnx sgt2!.
membuatkan sy terfikir..hurmm..
dulu ader gaks la target ntok fly oversea je bile amek course ni..
tp Ya Allah,
kite perlu hidup di bawah naungan Allah, tp sejauh manakah amal perbuatan kite tu menunjukkan kite cinta akan Allah..
insyaAllah,ubah niat masing2..
mungkin peluang bljar di oversea,
mmbuka mata n hati kita, tentang kekuasaan Allah..

YA ALLAH, beriku kekuatan ntuk trus kuat meneruskan perjalanan ku,
dan trus istiqamah,amiin ya rabbal alamin..

thnx eh nurul for the advices..
jumpe di camp nt...^_^

nurhdyh at: April 25, 2009 at 8:24 AM said...


tempelak untuk diri ak juga.

kat sini abes ckp broken english sajor...
org arab tak ramai faham english kecuali y kat university la.

p/s:hey, nilah jln y kte dah pilih jadi teruskan saja semampu yukallifullahu nafsan ila wusa'ha.(hdyh igt ni)

fieqa at: April 25, 2009 at 8:45 AM said...

wslm dayah!!..

bgus la..hihi..
saje wat post nk bg smgt kat diri sendiri..hee~~

ohh eh,,,
alorhh, tp kowg msti power giler ckp org..hik3.
x de chance nk blaja arab..

p/s:hey, nilah jln y kte dah pilih jadi teruskan saja semampu yukallifullahu nafsan ila wusa'ha.(FIEQA igt ni)

tiru sket eh dayah..

nisa at: April 25, 2009 at 2:05 PM said...


i used to love english b4..
very much indulge in english language..

but then,
after i get into inti,
i felt tired with english..
just imagine,
we need to listen to english lecture and to english conversations..

but then,
i realized something..

i'm going to america soon..
united states of america..
how can i survive in america if i can't speak and master in english..
can i speak malay with them?
will they understand me?


no rite..

learning is not about examinations only..
it's more than that..
it's about life..
we need to relate whatever things that we get with our daily life..

i'm sure that u'll be suprise to realized how great knowledge is..

Allah know what's the best for us, fieqa..
He wanted us to master in english..
He wanted us to speak english in our daily conversations..
we must realized one thing..

there must be reasons for that..

no doubt bout that..

there must be reasons why we must understand and master in english..

be tough fieqa,
i know that u can do it..

i also sad when i need to pursue my study in science instead of designing and 'whatsoever' after spm..

i said to myself..
this is the best for me..

i can't go back to the past..

i need to keep moving foward!

no turning back..

from now on..
it's about passing or losing..
just do it..

be tough fieqa!

ur supporter forever,

fieqa at: April 25, 2009 at 6:47 PM said...


syukran ya ukhti habibati for ur inspiring words~.. too...
everyday with the english lectures and english conversations!
thanks for reminding me.

knowledge is not all about examnation..
we have to feel in deep how precious the knowledge is..

u'r totally correct dear..
what Allah has set up for me, is the BEST for me..
no doubt on that..
I will keep a high faith in Allah..

yap..just across my mind,
there are quotation, but I am not sure what it is, either AL-quran/As-sunnah/words/
which is,

"belajar la bahasa asing supaya kamu tidak tertipu oleh kaumnya"

erm, mungkin, insyaAllah, cuma andaian,
ader reason kenapa aku ne blaja english nie...
ne tw dah fly nt ke,insyaAllah) ne berdakwah dgn org bukan melayu..

apa yg ALlah tetapkan adalah y terbaek..
tula,mungkin syaitan cube2 ntok bolak balikkan hati aku..

thnx nisah for ur words~...
thnx 4 supporting me.^_^

fieqa at: April 25, 2009 at 6:51 PM said...


u r studying in science stream now..
not in the designing course..

"And it may be that you dislike something while it is good for you; and it may be that you love something while it is bad for you. And Allah knows while you do not know. (2:216)


keep our high trust in Allah..

luv u dear...=)
miss gak lorh..
nt p kisas sesame eh...

nisa at: April 26, 2009 at 5:19 AM said...

i need to put high faith in Allah..
like u...


take care fieqa..

Aliaa Ezekiel at: April 26, 2009 at 6:05 AM said...

ko dgr ke apa miss kon kate?
aku tgk ko tido!
ko jgn tipu, xbek, nooo!?

fieqa at: April 26, 2009 at 6:41 AM said...


thanks nisa~!..
syg kamu..hik3~~

fieqa at: April 26, 2009 at 6:44 AM said...

aliaa ezekiel,

weiii makcik!!..
ni memang kureng asam tol!!..
ne de aku tidooooo lorhhhh!..

aku dgr la ape sebijik2 y MRS kon ckp tu..
high-spirited tol!..

ini memang tidak adil,
ader ko kate aku tido...
ape daaa~

ntah2, ko y tido~.
lalalalala..;p at: April 26, 2009 at 7:24 AM said...

dah2...biar mata nmpk terpejam yg pnting tlinga mendengr....chaiyok2!!!

fieqa at: April 26, 2009 at 8:42 AM said...

yeay2...nor sokong aku..
btw nor, ne de aku tidor la..
maybe cam nampak aku tunduk kot..
coz aku merenung masa depan..

ceh cehh cehh..hik3~~~~~


nasa at: April 26, 2009 at 4:32 PM said...

fiqa,all d best..
stadi leklok dik..
kita mungkin boleh je berjaya kalau kita x usaha,tp kejayaan yg dikecap x semanis kalau kita dah put all our effort into it..
and yakinlah,setiap usaha kita pasti diberi ganjaran oleh-Nya insyaAllah.. :)

all d best 4 d coming exam..

fieqa at: April 27, 2009 at 5:26 PM said...

kak nasa,

kak!..syukran atas niat bermakna..
insyaAllah, same2 kite tukar niat...

ni nga berusha sebaik mungkin!insyaAllah

fieqa at: April 27, 2009 at 5:27 PM said...

erks, silap2..

instead of 'niat'..


~nazierah~ at: April 28, 2009 at 4:48 AM said...

if i were in ur shoes
i'll definately just go on with english..
sometimes..i regretted
how foolish i was to choose medic..
requirement pn xlpas...
kdg2 tu,asyik ckp..
'kalau la ak plih biotech,kalau la ak plih tu,plih ni,msti dah leh sangat dpt.."
tpi,dah xleh nak ulang smule kn..
jdimape yg kte ade skang,
kte kna btul2 hrgai..
xsume org taw dpt pluang mcm akak!=)
good luck yer in ur exams...
doakan kte bjaya pasni..
wlau kt mne pn berada..

~no worries~


fieqa at: May 1, 2009 at 8:07 PM said...


thanks for ur comment!
really boost up my feeling..^_^!!

ape y Allah tetapkan tu adalah y terbaek..
jgn raser mnyesal dik..
later, awak akn thu kenapa Allah tetapkan rezki awak camtu,insyaAllah..yakin pada Allah
mmg la kan.
kdg raser regret tu mmg ader..
tp x pe..insyaAllah,
blaja kat maner2 pon same je..
kalo ader rezki MARA tu ntok awk,insyaAllah ader..amiiin..

thanks for the wish!
yup2..tengah men'semngatkan diri..

all the best dik!!!
Allah knows what's the best for His creation!..=)

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