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schedule..^_^..card.^^ the environment!..^_^

exam was just over
this is our first so-called examination in TESL course-
sounds wierd? (I used to..before..)
I don't know. This is how they train us to be profficient in English.

exam was just over
how was it?
for me honestly, most of them were quite tough.
cracking my head sometimes.
I had done the best
and now let's Allah decide the best for us.

exam was just over
how do I realize how important reading is
maybe it sounds quite silly to you
but deep in my heart,
it really changes my perception a lot.

"sometimes, examination cannot examine the maturity of ones' thinking"

"how can we assess their thinking level if they are given
only 3 hours to express their views?"

"it is like a "recall" session for them"

my seniors told me so.
initially, I do not really agree with their statement,
as I feel, if I do sit for examination,
it urges me to read a lot,
as reading is one of the ways to gain knowledge.
in TESL, we do assign with a lot of assignments
rather than examination.

but, in my opinion,
it depends on the courses that we are studying
in English,
it prepares us to develop our thinking rather than
to be in so-called exam oriented basis.

maybe that's the way they train us
to develop our maturity.
BUT! deep inside my soul,
I really miss my time during school days
where everyone was struggling to achieve the best.
where I studied in science stream..

here is quite different,
we are trained to develop our thinking
I try to adapt and adopt it.

exam was just over
let's we improve our study.
do constant with your reading,
and that's why Miss Rajes (my English teacher in Kisas)
used to advise us,

that's all.

let's us refresh our heart!
taken from,

Belajarlah kerana Allah kerana di situ ada nilai ibadah. Tapi bagaimana belajar kerana Allah? Bagaimana kita boleh tahu sama ada belajar kita kerana Allah atau dunia, atau suka-suka, ataupun terpaksa? Di sini boleh disimpulkan antara tanda-tanda seseorang itu ikhlas belajar kerana Allah ialah :-

-Tidak belajar hanya untuk peperiksaan atau untuk lulus peperiksaan

-Tidak jemu mencari atau mendalami ilmu itu kerana ingin mencari redha Allah

-Mencintai dan menyukai ilmu itu sendiri sebab Allah yang bagi. Tidak sukakah kita pada
kurniaan Pencipta Yang Maha Bijaksana kepada kita?

-Meyakini ganjaran pahala yang diberi Allah (pahala ibadah, pahala menuntut ilmu)

oh ya!
what's the new leaf?
I have just launched my second blog.

to improve my proficiency in English.
I am just a newer in this field,
therefore, I have to work hard on it!
Let's have a look!

May Allah blesses all of us.

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najihah iman at: May 22, 2009 at 3:33 AM said...

waa...dh selesai yek..
relief la tu..heheh..

kite plak bakal bperang..
doakan ye..

fieqa at: May 22, 2009 at 7:56 AM said...

najihah iman,


all the best okies!..
struggle for the best!
doa byk2.
tawakal alallah..=)

Liyana at: May 24, 2009 at 4:06 AM said...

bestnya dh abis exam..
aku bru nk exam mggu dpan..

all da best for your english :D

al-ikhsan at: May 25, 2009 at 1:04 AM said...

salam taaruf. =)

as for me, i prefer social and human science studies like theory of knowledge, malay and english literature, management studies etc cause i believe they are more practical compared to our pure science subjects.

correct me if i'm wrong but i feel that those school science subjects are too exam-oriented.


fieqa at: May 25, 2009 at 6:10 AM said...


hye yeanna.
lme x dengor kaba brite..^^

gudluck in your exam..
maat taufiq wannajah.
go go chaiyok!
strive for the best!

thanks yeanna~

fieqa at: May 27, 2009 at 4:06 AM said...


salam taaruf juge..
sorry for the late rply..
I was thinking on what to respond..^_^

sorry if my respon not suit what you r expected coz I just did a few readings only..

before that,
how do define intelligence?
or to be more specific,
'an intelligent student'?

hm, I can't say that u'r wrong..
It's how you think and how you view it from ur perspective rite?
keep it up!

for me, it depends on how the students perceive with the subjects that they take/took.
all science and other subjects which are said to be 'too exam oriented' are very important as to 'fill' students with the knowledge that they should know.

in my opinion,
if Malaysia is to change their education system, it doesnt mean, that they have to abandon the examntion and test culture..
because test and examntion 'force' students to understand in deep in those particular courses and aspects of knowledge.

what they have to do is to differ the approach of the questions in the exam..apply more practical sessions which are evaluated,so that it can enhance their skills in those particular aspect..
this also can urge students to develop their critical thinking, skills in life rather than just memorising it blindly.

as far as this matter is concern, we are the one who have to change the mind set and
to prepare the nation who can serve their best for our country..

if you have an ample time,
do research on this matter, and read other views and perspectives on this..

I will learn on this matter in the next sem..
specifically on the topic 'education' in my social studies subject..
can't wait!..^_^
there is a platform for me to change my perception n streoptyping mindset!..^_^

nisa at: May 29, 2009 at 2:53 PM said...

salam fieqa

sori lmbt komen^_^
ke'bz'an sokmo

what should i say..

for me
bersyukurlah dgn apa yg kita ada..
apa yg kiter da dpt skunk nie..
mybe kiter suker sesuatu perkara..
tp, hakikatnya,
disisi Allah, perkara tue tak baik ntok kita
eventhough kiter rs menda tue susah or kiter tatau, jgn give up!

remember this..
"don't say i don't know,
say i will search!"

insyaAllah, u can do it^_^

aliran sains or sastera, dua2 ader pro n contra
sampai biler2 pown susah nak buktikn mana lebih baik
sbb dua2 ader kebaikan masing2

still remember isk?


al-ikhsan at: May 30, 2009 at 3:36 AM said...


well, the alternatives you provided may just be the way. i myself, maybe unable to come up with really decent solutions to this matter. hence, the discussion. =)

try considering this; the current social trend primarily upholds pure science. this basically happens anywhere on planet Earth right?

it may be true that both fields of study have their benefits, but at the same time, those who are supportive of social science, or even arts, are left behind simply due to the impression by the general community which says that; science and technology is everything.

equal sponsorship rights are not distributed fairly among the students. students are forced to conform to this social trend.

this is what i'd have to call, injustice; cause i, myself, may be affected by this whole generic convergence towards pure science.


p/s define critical. =)

fieqa at: June 1, 2009 at 4:28 AM said...


thanks for the comment,

thanks for the inspirational quote..

"say I will search!"

setiap masa kene btulkan niat if ade y trsasar..
kene bersyukur kan.
stiap perkara y kite peroleh/dpt adlah y trbaek..Allah x pernah salah!..
kite je y jahil n golongan y selalu merungut..=(.hu3

Allah telah mengubah mindset kita semua melalu penyampaian isk.
moge kite semua terthabat (tetap)
di jalan ini,insyaAllah.

actuly kan, saje je wat post nie,bukan nk buktikan which field y lebih baek..
just to make us to ponder about this matter..^_^

thanks again for ur kind advices ..
appreciated that!

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