I really want it!

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unconsciously, life is so complex,
full with mixture of feelings,
happy? sad? warm? neutral? so colourful!

till at a time,
we feel lost, where are we?
do we in the right track?
is it a so-called 'loss'?
why we say so?
coz we don't know what to do..
coz we don't know the right ways to use..
coz we don't know how to approach..
from that point,
we start to keep 'silent',
we start to 'isolate' from others,
such actions are not the best ways dear,
it would not bring any change,
but I do need time..

Just remember dear,
He sent you 'mediators' to touch your heart,
He sent you well instincts to let you ponder,
He sent you the sense of guilt to make you realise,
He want you to be as a great muslim as one should be,
He want you to worship Him excessively,
He want you to be the 'leader' who holds the 'big' responsibility,

Don't you want the same things happen to the others?
Don't you want the others understand what you understand?
Don't you want the others feel what you feel?
Don't you want the others think what you think?
aim what you are aiming?

don't you dear?

oh Lord!

I want it!
I really want it,
if you could listen to the flow of my blood,
it seems agree with my soul.

you can just work for it but Lord is the ONE who determine the success

oh Lord!
I ask for your guidance!
I ask for your forgiveness!
I ask for your blessings!

Guide me to guide the others!
I really want the strength Lord!
oh the Almighty Allah!
I really want it!

Fill my heart with Your love,
Purify my soul with Your reminders,
Clean my intention in any of my doings,
Keep my soul fresh with your words!

Ohh Allah,
I believe,
You are the One and Only who could answer this,
give me the strength..

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puteribonda at: August 14, 2009 at 1:14 PM said...

salam fieqa

insyaAllah fieqa..
faiza azamta fatawakkal 'alallah..

for me..
whenever i have the same conflict like yours..
i bare in my mind..
who knows, if the person we approached understand the way i feel someday,
and he or she later on managed to let other people around him or her understand the same way like ours..
don't you think it is a really great success?

who knows, maybe if that person refused to received the advice or reminders from us at this moment,
maybe someday,
when the time comes,
he or she might understand the significance of practicing whatever things that we attempted to remind him or her before this..
i'm not saying that we're both perfect..
i'm not..
till i die, i know that i'll never be a perfect person..
but, i'll try my best to remind myself and to remind other people as well..
it is one of our responsibility right..?


don't give up fieqa..
one thing that i would like you to bare in your mind and in my mind as well..

it's not a place that determine the understanding of something like religion..
but, it is the time that determine the understanding..

as for example,
we're both used to study in religious school right?
do you think everyone in our former school received the lesson and the tarbiyah provided for us in that particular place?
in my opinion,
i believed that there must be certain people who refused to received the ilmu or tarbiyah provided for them at that place..
but maybe,
when they finished schooling,
who knows if suddenly he or she finally understand the importance of whatever ilmu he or she gained in their previous school..
when at that time,
he or she suddenly find out that something was missing in their life..
who knows right?


last word,
don't give up fieqa..

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