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Alhamdulillah. That's the most suitable diction to describe this post. Enough said.
Yesterday, my silat gayong members and I, had done our grading successfully.

For your information, this is my first experience to participate in grading.

Even in school, I didn't even have any intention to join, simply ignoring all the martial arts offered in school, which can't attract my interest at all. haha!

Before this, I had joined taekwondo for a few weeks, but then I quitted and joined silat.

At this third level of education, my initial intention was to learn the beauty of silat gayong as it is said as our heritage. And I know, my knowledge about silat is really narrow, or even empty, but somehow, learning is a long-life process right?
I hope I can slowly understand the hidden beauty and meaning of Silat Gayong.insyaALLAH.
Okayh. Enough about the 'history'.;p

"Dan sediakanlah apa jua jenis kekuatan yang kamu dapat sediakan dan daripada pasukan-pasukan berkuda yang lengkap bersedia, kamu menggentarkan dengannya musuh Allah dan musuh kamu dan musuh-musuh lain juga yang kamu tidak mengetahuinya, sedangkan Allah mengetahuinya". (Al-Anfal 8:60)

Since this is my first experience to be graded, I can't really expect on what would happen next, but I just followed the instructions given by the
Alhamdulillah. All of us passed the grading successfully.
We had undergone few sessions which tested the different skills like
(asas gerakan, asas tangkisan, golongan anak harimau, lentik ulat, tenggiling, lompatan anak kambing
, elak pukul, sparring, dll)

first sessionTiring faces after grading.
We are now qualified to wear white belt!
These anak Gayong are now qualified with Awan Putih belt!
The holders of Green belt!

Enough story about the grading.

Yeah. How can I link this with islamic teaching?

Well. As a full time muslim, even in learning silat, we should not forget to be careful in our ikhtilat (pergaulan) with our ajnabi.
Don't get me wrong.

This is one of the ways to avoid the close contact (e.g-body contact).

Besides, in learning silat, we still have to cover our aurat like wearing socks, as well as to purify our niat in learning this martial art.
However, if we feel that it would bring danger (mudarat) due to the smooth surface condition in the gymnasium , it depends on our mujahadah.
If we are comfortable to wear sock, just go on with the practice ! Allah is always besides us!

As what Allah has said in Al-Quran,

Pada hari ini telah Kusempurnakan untuk kamu agamamu, dan telah Ku-cukupkan kepadamu nikmat-Ku, dan telah Ku-ridhai Islam itu jadi agama bagimu. ( Al-Ma'idah 5:3)

Oleh kerana Dienul Islam telah sempurna amaka kita tidak boleh menambah atau mengurangkannya (abasa, qul), begitu juga kita tidak boleh mengambil sebahagian dan meninggalkan sebahagian yang lain. (Hassan Al-Banna)

All in all, it depends in our niat. May ALLAH help us to clean and purify our niat.
Learning for the sake of Him.

Therefore, it is us right to decide either we want to do it or not. All has clearly been stated in the Al-Quran. :)

Besides, in my personal view, participating in silat or any martial art, somehow really needs our full commitment.
A pretty advice to myself who sometimes skip my silat trainings. T_T

During practice, we have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared in order to learn the skills.
The practice that we have to undergo, somehow make me to be more stronger as well as to be emotionally balanced and physically fit.
Bear in mind, to be harshly hit by the partners and members is a norm in silat.

I think, I'm just a newer in this arena.
Lots more guidance to be searched,
Lots more knowledge to be learned,

Lots more skills to be applied.

I hope, through this, it can indirectly enhance my faith in ALLAH, strengthen my iman and tawakal alallah, and as well as to practically apply the skills in daily life. May ALLAH bless our niat. insyaALLAH.

For the different versions of Silat Gayong Grading entries, you may visit my seniors',
Abang Warid's
Abang Faiz's

They are superb writers who are more knowledgeable than me, especially in the real meaning of Silat Gayong. :)

Great quotations from Abang Warid's blog,

“Biarlah kita bercula satu,
kerana ada yang tujuh telah menderhaka,
biarlah kita dengan ilmu lambat bersatu,
asalkan dia kekal bersama kita”.

“Ada yang hitam tapi sekadar anugerah,
Ada yang merah tapi kosong,
Bengkung bukannya untuk bermegah,
Tapi sekadar syarat untuk terus berGayong”

Thanks to my instructors (Cikgu Mad, and Cikgu Zam) and all the members of Silat Gayong Pusaka of IPG-KBA. This would be the most memorable event of Silat that I ever have.
I hope, I can istiqomah (continue) to join and practise silat. InsyaALLAH.

p/s- This entry is just my personal thought.

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puteribonda at: November 1, 2009 at 4:31 PM said...

salam fieqa

sorila lmbt nak wish
sibuk ngn exam b4 this.


p/s: bc post nie, teringt plak time aku grading karate-do dulu. huhu


fieqa at: November 4, 2009 at 7:47 AM said...


thanks for d comment.
I appreciate that!

I think, u have said congratz via sms right? hehe..=)

thanks again!

all the best for ur result yeah!

p/s- hihihi..teringat jugak..

puteribonda at: November 6, 2009 at 1:45 AM said...

tu sms
ni blog pulak


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