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Bismillahirrahman nirrahim..

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Salam ukhwah sume! saya ade sumting y agk besh ntok dipraktikkan…act, saya pon dalam proses belajar untuk mempraktikkan nye..cube bace dulu pe y ade kat bwh ni ye!.have a nice reading…^,^ ade timetable baru y bley kite wat...


1) Got up for Fajr on time and prayed Fajr with its sunnah

2) Made my morning Dhikr

3) Prayed all prayers on time and on earlier time possible

4) Made the recommended Dhikr after every prayer

5) Prayed all the 13 rakah of Sunnah prayers

6) Made Qunut/Dua for the Muslim Ummah in a prayer

7) Made Dua for my parents

8) Commanded one good

9) Forbade one evil

10) Prayed more than 1 Fard prayer in a mosque (males)

11) Read the Tafsir of one verse of the Quran

12) Read the new hadeeth and its meaning

13) Read 1 page of the Quran as a minimum

14) Attempted to practice one rare Sunnah of Rasulullah

15) Attempted to increase in knowledge (Reading/Listening/Watching)

16) Made one Muslim smile

17) Made my parents smile, hugged and kissed them

18) Did not argue, nor backbite with anyone

19) Did not harbor ill feelings in my heart against anyone

20) Did not do anything I was ensure about its permissibility

21) Tried my best to take care of my body

22) Gave charity (monetary)

23) Preserved or removed a harm from the environment

24) Made my Dua for the prophet Muhammad (saw)

25) Make Tawbah and istighfar 100 times

26) Pondered 10 minutes about struggling for this Deen

27) Did a special deed that is secret between me and Allah

28) Made my afternoon Dikhr

29) Read Surah Mulk before going to sleep

30) Wrote down/updated my will

31) Pondered about my Death and of the Judgement Day

32) Prayed absolute minimum 2 Rakah Tahajjud prayer

33) Asked Allah for Jannah and refuge from Jahannam (3x)

34) Went to sleep in a state of Wudu’


1) Read surah Kahfi

2) Attempted to pray on time and on earliest time

3) Took extra care to groom and maintain myself

4) Made Dua for Rasulullah


1) Memorize minimum ¼ page of Al-Quran

2) Attempted to join the hearts between two Muslims

3) Fed/clothed one needy person or gave a gift to one

4) Memorize one Dua from the Sunnah

5) Made Istikharah about an important matter

6) Memorize one hadeeth of Rasulullah

Haa, dah bace sume??…huhu…realy meaningful right?...jom kita copy mende ni n paste kan kat Microsoft word document.sape y pakai 2007 tu senang sket la, tp y 2003 pon boley je wat..usaha tangga kejayaan..ngeh3~~..pastu ley la wat table sendiri…buat column hari isnin smpai ahad n column comment..then ley la print and photostat byk2..ley bg kat kwn2 sebilik, serumah, sekampus, sekolej n ngan femly memasing pon boley….pastu ley la stat men ‘tick’ kat mana2 column y kite wat..nt kite ley tgk ape rupenye y kita dah wat dalam seharian hidup kita..hmmm?...btw, selamat mencuba!!…~,~..>fieqa<

11 voice (s):

anis at: November 17, 2008 at 5:01 AM said...

ei.. naper kaunyer post camtue?
ader kod2 tambahan..
susah nak bc..
uhuhu.. (^_^)

fieqa at: November 17, 2008 at 6:36 AM said... bace cm bese je..npe...xley bace y aq wat ni...toing3*,*

anis at: November 18, 2008 at 2:26 AM said...

ui.. wat do you mean by making 13 rakaah sunah prayer?
yg part one tue..
nice post..

nadhirah at: November 18, 2008 at 5:09 PM said...

bgus nye jadual nih..
nadh nk publish kat blog nadh leyh?

buat naikkn semangat iutk amalkn dan istiqomahkannya~.^

fieqa at: November 18, 2008 at 7:37 PM said...


emm, td ade tnye akak senior..
okey~..8 rakaah for the qabliah n ba'diah prayers..then, the 3 for total up 2 more rite..i'm also not pretty sure bot that..tahajjud perhaps...but the thing is..
we do da bez in our amalan ya (advice to myself who olwez 'lalai'..huhu)...keep reminding me..^,^

fieqa at: November 18, 2008 at 7:38 PM said...


tafaddal ya ukhti...
**sharing is caring**

anis at: November 19, 2008 at 3:52 AM said...

owh.. cam tue ker.. btw..
tq ea 4 da info..

fieqa at: November 19, 2008 at 6:05 AM said...


h a n i at: November 20, 2008 at 2:52 AM said...

ak buta it...wat timetable tulis gne tgn je..hahaha

fieqa at: November 20, 2008 at 4:52 PM said...

>> hani

ahhaaha~...ley je hani!! niat ade tu~..alhamdulillah ^,^ ..share ngn kengkawan ye..~~

fieqa at: November 27, 2008 at 5:47 AM said...


>>to everyone...

i got some info regarding to solat rawatib..
sory 4da previous comment above..

actually, the solat rawatib are :

1) 2 rakaah before Subuh prayer
2) 2 rakaah before Zuhor prayer
3) 2 rakaah after Zuhor prayer
4) 2 rakaah before Asar prayer ( but some 'pendapat' said that 4 rakaah
5)2 rakaah after Maghrib prayer
6)2 rakaah before Isya' prayer
7)2 rakaah after Isya' prayer
8) 3 rakaah for the witr prayer

source: Rahsia Al-Fatihah book (2003)
written by Ustaz Dato' Hj. Ismail Kamus (x-kisas..hehe)..

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