congratulation to our Prime Minister....

Saturday, April 4, 2009 Read Comment
got idea on what to write on..
but.. hmm?..
keep that first ya..

later when the suitable time comes,
I will post it insyaAllah!..(^_^)

yehaa..long time no tag!!...seriously..
there are a loooooootttttt of tagS that I should answer!
should?? (sounds serious~)..ngehhehe..depends..
I am so sorry for all taggers** (not so sure bot this word~hee)
give me a plenty of time ya..hihi..insyaAllah,
I will give some space for your tags to be fulfilled in my entries..^_^

but!! before that..
let's we energize our mind first!
I throw u question,what has happened recently in Malaysia..?
just a couple of hour huh?
when we talk about current issue in Malaysia..

"iyeee??..x twu pun..."
"huhh, ko..baru td laa"

me not update the news~..
poor me..**have to change fieqa**

A big congratulation to
our new Prime Minister..
who has just been announced~

as young Malaysian citizens, it will be honoured
to give our full trust and support in him,
to make him remain focused in providing strong leadership
to lead us in our beloved country Malaysia,insyaAllah,
and also for him to meet the needs, aspirations, and concerns of all Malaysians...

whoaa, hu3!..
I just read the speech from our Prime Minister at The Star Online..
and here I have quoted some of the lines,
which inspire me a lot!!! trigger my nerves as well!!

"Four decades on, I remain committed to the goals of tackling poverty; of restructuring our society; of expanding access to quality education for all; and of inspiring a new generation of young Malaysians to work on behalf of this great country. My own service in government has always been about getting results: to ensure a better deal for teachers, to improve conditions for our brave soldiers, and to strengthen our economy in defence of the people of Malaysia, as we deal with the outbreak of a global recession.

We must draw on talented people across our nation, regardless of their position or background, to re-energize a passion for public service. We must sow the seeds of goodwill and understanding in every corner of this land, so that we continue to harvest the fruits of progress and prosperity for all Malaysians.

We must seek to include and unlock the potential of our young people who will be the next generation of leaders, businesspeople, engineers, scientists, teachers and doctors. We must give them wings to fly.

And so today, I pledge that I will work tirelessly to serve all of you

Let us begin this great journey together."

(PM Najib's maiden speech, 2009) link
go to the link! and get urself to read on it!..go go~..^^

through education, we can produce
many young generations to be excellent
in academic and non-academic performances!!..insyaAllah
yeah..we can see the 'power' of teacher..
btw, smlm time klas english studies (literature)
we learnt on theme 'responsibility'
in An Inspector Calls..
ada satu perkara nie, related ngan rensponsibility towards society,
then, mam ckp,
'In Islam, we have what?"
pastu ader sowg nie ckp,

mnde ni biasa sy cukup tersentak!!..
coz, ye..even dlm kelas y ader non-malay,
time mengajar, even English aka TESL,
kite ley promote Islam,insyaAllah.
yah!,let's we promote the beauty of Islam,insyaAllah,
insyaAllah, practise it ya, when the time for u come..

do you think Malaysia is an Islamic Country??
does Malaysia practice Islamic Administration???


if Malaysia is an Islamic country,
why we still can see many people practicing the 'jahiliah'..??


feel free to drop ur words...


hurm..ya..we talked about the goal of our country..
what's about our goal towards our religion?
the WAY of LIFE!

do we practise each and every in Islam?
do we are recognized by Allah and also human,
just only by our name are Ahmad?..Fatimah??..Abu Bakar??
(**sorry for the's just a matter of doubt on it!..I'm sorry..just take the names as the examples**)
do we??
hurm..astaghfirllah..tazkiyatun nafs!..
we really feel very proud, to say that we are Muslim..
our religion is ISLAM!..
but, how far and to what extent does the matter is understood..??

think and think..!

we have no choice but have to,

Islam is about to practise..
however, we got simply to say that,
"I'm MUSLIM.."
"my religion is ISLAM.."

but, thing to ponder is,
do we act as the true muslim?..
think fieqa!..think and reflect yourself!!..

'Islam is about to practise'?
why we say so?..
let's me give a simple analogy..

'if we want to eat,
do we just say and voice out our desire,

"aku nak makan..aku nak makan yang tue.."

without taking the foods into our mouth?
can we eat without taking the foods??
can we??

the answer is NO~..
we can't just SAY that we are muslim!

with NO practise!
wake up fieqa!!...

be a full time Muslim,
instead of Part Time Muslim,
to be a full time Muslim,
we first must understand Islam, by heart..insyaAllah..

be strong in confronting ur life!..

put our high trust in Allah, for him to transform our life accordingly,
if you couldn't change the environment..the culture..
put the hatred in your heart..insyaAllah..(**that's selemah2 iman**)
who knows maybe one day, the day for us would come.insyaAllah..
we should have a try!..if not, there will be no change..
or the things can just be ignored!..
believe in ourself, n pray to Allah excessively,
to keep us to be always in the right path,insyaAllah..

hee..whoaa..unexpectedlY!!!..I thought I just want to write a bit short..
but never mind lorh..this blog is mine..
it's up to me laa..ha3..

okey3..let's we change the table..
this time is for tag..
from iejan, my junior..
(her blog)

1. Apakah hubungan awak dan dia?

hubungan?..hubungan ape..ha3..
saya senior dia junior..
kami satu sekolah, dr smkajb smpai kisas..hee

2. 5 impressions terhdp dia.

1. sahabat yang baik
2.boleh memberikan advice n pndapt y bernas!..thnx iejan..
dan budak baik..
4.bijak,dan pandai melukis n m'design..
testi kat I luv Islam tue ader y dy buat..
sy suker men'yebok2 komen..he3..
5.tulisan di blog nye sgt menarik n give a deep impact in me..^_^..
**kembang iejan..ngehehe**

3. Perkara yang paling memorable yang die lakukan kat awak..

dia tulis camni kat blog dia..
terharu gak la..^,^
ni mase dia x dpt intrvw MARA.after dia inform sy via sms, sy terus kol dy,
n dia ader tulis camni kt blog, time ni dia ckp thnx kpd sume y support dia..

xlupa,from kak safiqa yang terus kol lepas btwu dy..

and also kat shoutbox ni..

~salam jan...dun worry k!..Allah knows what the best for his creation!.insyaAllah..pray to Allah, for him to give u chance..insyaAllah..doa byk2. akk doakan awak dapat..amiin.....~
terharu sgt2..bnyk nasihat yg kak safiqa bgi..sebak la plak...isk3... sy da wat cam akak ckp tu...thanx sgt2 kak..."

terharu la plaks bace mnde nie.kih3 btw, congretz iejan, alhamdulillah, rezki awak smpi,
dpt offer interview dr
Sime Darby, susa tu nk dpt.. all the best k, in ur interview!..INSYAALLAH, amiin

4. Perkara paling memorable yang dia kata pada awak..

balasan2 email dy (sory jan,lame x update email..xsmpat..dah lamer x rply..he3..pe2 pon tq bg opinion y besh2..syukran lot....n lagi, kalo dia ader cerita sal saya ke kat blog dia..
sangat terharu actually..bukan aper sgt pon y saya dah buat..
thnx iejan..syukran..^_^

5. Kalau die kekasih awak.. awak akan..

if saya lelaki, saya akan bersyukur kerana dikurniakan Allah wanita sebaik dia sbg isteri.. he3.opz, dont get me wrong..!

6. Kalau dia jadi musuh awak. awak akan..

x nak lah..wat pe musuh2.huk3

7. Kalau die kekasih awak.. dia perlu improve dlm..

okey..kalo saya jd husband dia,
tgk dulu ape2 kesilapan y dia buat, n then, insyaAllah,
tegur2 menegur n nasihat menasihati lorh..=),,
then, boleh bg kebahagian sepenuhnya kpd sy.cehh..ntah..ntam je ni..
xde idea nk jwb camne.hak3

8. Kalau dia jadi musuh awak... mungkin kerana...

ya, same jwapn..saya kot y bersalah.. buat po nk musuh2 nih..

9. Overall impression ttg dia..


10. The most desirable thing to do to her/him

moga ukhuwah berkekalan,insyaAllah,
nt bile iejan kawin, jgn lupe jempot.ha3..
siyes nie..nk dtg..ngee~

11. Apakah awak rasa ttg pandangan org terhadap awak?

x tw la ek..x boleh nk describe..sape2 je sy nie..hu3 ..gilos sket..ngee~~

12. The character of you for yourself?

too many to tell..hee!
x suker skema2 kot..sempoi2 sudah!

13. On contrary, the character you hate about you..

- ha3..camne ni ek..
- kadgkala cepat lalai..astaghfirllah
- kadang x berani nk tegur kesilapan org.
- kadang x berani nk voice out, nk jalnkan amar ma'ruf nahi munkar
- kdg, xde mood, time tu, sy akn senyap je..
- sy x suker sgt mara org,
tp once kalo dah marah, mmg sy betul2 marahla tu..
huh?..ape la..x bek marah2 no!
- suker explain /gtw byk kali kat org mnde y same.
har3..ntah, x ley ubah!..ngee~~..

14. The most ideal person you want to be with?

-future husband, which is still unknown..hee~..
(surah an-nur 24 :26)

15. For people who like you.. tell sumthing about them.

ha3..x yah recommend lorh..xde pe2 y special pon..
hanye manusia biase jee!

16. Ten people you tag:

3.najihah iman

4.dayah subri


6.kak ummu



9.yusry cane ek,
dala ko pemalas nk wat tag..hua3

17. No.2 ada hubungan dgn siapa?

no.2..aliaa??..huaaaaaa3..dy ader hubungan ngan aderla..huaa3..
dunt make any controversion here plis~..;p

18. Is no. 3 female or male..


19. If no.7 and 10 have a relationship. Is it a good thing?

irfan n qilah?..hoo! comment..coz dorg saling x mengenali.. tp ne tw..he3

20. Mcmmane dgn no.5 dan no.8?

jiani - kawn chinese sy di ipba..sgt berseni, n sastera2 sket.
suker create poem,,bile la sy nk jd cam dia..hu3
dy suker post poem y dy create sndiri kat blog dy.besh3
dy nie senyap je orgnye, pendiam..
tp dlm diam, byk sumbangn y dia dah buat..thnx jiani!

shy- kawan kat ipba gaks..coursemate..
dy ni camne ek..ader quality of leadership,

21. No.4 single kah?

dayah subri- single la,insyaAllah, kan dayah kan??

22. No. 1 belajar apa?

nisah- bljar kat INTI amek kos applied sn..
nt insyaAllah, nk amek dietition kan nisah..

23. Say sumething about no. 6.

kak ummu!..akk usrah sy..akak y sgt baek.
dy skrg blaja kat UK,
amek tesl gaks..
rindu nye kak akk!

24. No. 9 klakar tak?

yusri - klakar ke x ek?..dia dak coursemate x thu la ek,
dia ni klakar ke x..hu3

iejan! ya!..accomplished..!
byk je lagi tag y x jawab..
ha3..tgk la ek..
bile ader mood..

sorry for my words..if and if can make you offence..hu3..

k, till then,

4 voice (s):

~nazierah~ at: April 4, 2009 at 11:31 AM said...

smangat yer dpt pm bru..
mge2 trus cmerlang dlm bidang perguruan..^,^

too much la akak jwb tag tuh,
xpadan dgn org yg bgi tag...
sbb dy
xsbaik yg akak tlis tuh..
xsmpai lgi kak...
jauh sgt lgi..
bnyk yg perlu diimprove,
in fact,
bnyk gak cntohi akak!
kagum the way
akak pndai bawak diri..=)

tdi g angsana
jmpe mmber2 lme,
as usual..
rs mcm x best..
sp snany yg x dpt suaikan dri?
xkn nk ikot gak kot dyorg g karoake kn..
dyorg leh tny..
"nak p karaoke x?
eh..ijan xkn nk p kot..
kn lagho.."
mybe diorg jz bgurau..
tpi ntah la..
*rs sdey..=(
then,kte ngn sab p tmpt laen..
diorg lak p karoake..
hrap2 mmpu btahan pasni..
sdey rse...
ap2pn,thanx ye kak...
4 all ur advices...
hope akak dpt trus bg peringtan
espcially ble tlalai...
thanx a lot!

n thanx jwb tag..=)

fieqa at: April 5, 2009 at 3:34 AM said...


har3, ntah, bile bace speech tu cam smgt giler lak..besh2 words dy.

but, thing to ponder is,
malaysia nie mngamalkan pemerintahan Islam ke..
malaysia ni negara Islam ke,
sbb ramai org Islam y duduk..
atau lebih sedih lagi ,
name je negara Islam..
sorry for my words..
tu sbnrnye msg nk smpaikan dlm post nie..dah edit balek post nie..

then, bot the tag..
he3..akk tulis ape y trlintas.
no offense k!..
insyaAllah, sesame la kiter ingat mengingatkan..

yup2..kat luar ne pandai bwak diri..
cam kureng sket ntok org ingatkan..
kalo kat skolah dulu ari2 ader tzkirah..setiap masa raser cam 'terisi'..
kalo kat luar cam dah raser kureng sket..
ne pandai cari sendiri..
bca sendiri..
cari sendiri camne nk segarkan hati..

bot the angsana..
kuatkan diri ye dik..
bese la tuh..
xley gak salahkan dorg..
mungkin kefahaman tue berbeza..
tu y jd camtu..
yup3..akk akui,
mmg susah gak kat luar..kdg kite x ley salahkan org lain..sbb kefahaman Islam seseorang tu dgn seseorang tu lain..
so, be strong!!.
seboleh2 nya, elak maner y boleh je helah pe2..
insyaAllah, yakin pd Allah,
yakin dgn ape y kiter buat..insyaAllah..
bese la tue..
memula mmg raser terasa.
tp lamer2 kwn2 akn paham.
nt nie, nk smbung studi,
lg ramai n bermacam2 ragam awak jumpe..
bermcm2 kefahaman y awak akn jumpe.

so, camne nak letakkan diri kita dlm crowd of people tue??
yakin pd diri sndri!
maintain n preserve n improve dgn ape y kite ader,insyaAllah,
kuatkan hati n smgt..

kuatkan hati, n yakin dgn ape y dibuat tue..
~nasihat kat diri sendiri gaks~..
akk pon kdg2 lalai, n pandai2 la nk cover balek..
susah kdg nk jage hati,
tp insyaAllah,yakin diri..kuatkan hati n smgt!..insyaAllah..

y sal kwn2, kite maintain n improve the way of life kite,
insyaAllah, nt lame2 kwn2 akn paham,
akn paham ape y kite pgg, ape y kiter practice,
ape y kite x buat..insyaAllah..

**buat bodoh je..kuatkan hati k!!**

n bile kat luar nie, ne pandai jage diri..
pandai cari kwn..
insyaAllah, Allah akn permudahkan...
nt kat luar,ikot rezki kite gak dpt kwn2 y camne..i mean, kite rapat ngn kawan2 y camne...
insyaAllah, Allah akn permudahkan rezki kite..
jgn lupe cari usrah, or libatkan diri dgn aktiviti keagamaan kat tmpat studi nt..
xdela lalai sgt..=)
kalo kwn2 kite kureng kefahaman,
kite y same2 berusaha tarik mereka,insyaAllah..
**huk3..kadg x mampu juge..astaghfirllah..sdg berusaha**

kite same2 berusaha meramaikan lagi org2 y faham Islam,insyaAllah..!

nisa at: April 7, 2009 at 4:07 AM said...

salam fieqa!!

semangatnyer dyer ader pm br..
kiter kene sokong pm kita..
klu tak skong dyer, caner nak aman ngr nie kan..

nice post..
sorila, komen sket jer skunk nie..
lein kali aku komen byk2 tau!!

wish me luck k ntok final..


fieqa at: April 10, 2009 at 10:16 AM said...

smgt gaks la..
suker ngn words2 dia..hee..
tp thing tu ponder is,

negara kita nie mengamalkan pemerintahan Islam ke..
kalo kite x mampu nk ubah sesuatu perkara y besar,
maybe boleh start dgn perkara2 y kecik2 dulu..
myb laksanakan pemrintahan berpandukan Islam kat kolej2 n sekolah..even mmg sgt payah utk why not to have a try rite?

sile2 la ngomen..ngeee..

jgn lupe wat tag ea..ngeh3..

I wish u the very best ya!..
do ur best!
keep ur high belief n trust to Allah, for Him to transform it to His help,insyaAllah..=)

gudluck nisa!!

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