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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Salam and hello readers.
Long time no post in this blog.
With less comments and even
empty in my latest post.
But still
I could see the increase in numbers of visitors in this blog,
even slow, yet boost my spirit to share anything in it.

I believe there are still readers who follow my blog.


so poor expectation right?

I don't mind.

and even
though sometimes
it can indirectly
degenerate my spirit,
but just remember,

if we do things just for the sake of Allah.

yet we don't really hope for people to appreciate our works and doings,

but most importantly,
He is the One who judges our deeds.
is that true?

This semester really challenges myself internally and externally.
Too many things come and go.

Train me to be more matured in facing life.

If we could be any or someone who can hold the world,

like the Lord,

we can do anything within our power right?

but how we gonna do like that?

is it possible?
the answer is no.
We are just His servant.

We are just His slaver.

We are just an ordinary human.

We can't do anything beyond our limit.
Yeah. I do admit.

We can see and believe,

How Powerful Allah is.

Life with high faith in Allah
would be the sweetest thing in this world.

Too many things that Allah has given to us,
but still,

we are too busy with our work,

yet do not have much time to spend for Him.

Oh Allah,
if you could listen what my heart wants to say.

I ask your forgiveness The Almighty Allah,

for not be as grateful as I should be.

for not be as a good muslim as I should be.

for not following on what you ask me to follow and do.

This is the time for us to reflect our self.

Come, digest the lyric below.

Yet you will discover something.

..:: APPRECIATION by Outlandish ::..

As I got up this morning
U watched me and hoped I'd talk to U
Even if it was just a few words
Askin' your opinion,
Thankin' U for something good that happened, Lord
But U noticed I was too busy
Tryin' to find the right clothes matchin' with the right shoes and I
Ran around the house getting ready
U knew there would be minutes to stop and say hello
But I still I were too busy
And at one point I had to wait doing nuttin'
Then U saw me spring to my feet
Thought I wanted to talk
But I ran to the phone
Called a friend... Wassup!

Ok now it's time for us to talk
So I find and empty room but hesitation is in my heart
A look down the hall ...nobody there so I close the door
Take of my new jacket? Man I can't put this on the floor
I'm a have this conversation standin' or my jeans will get dirty
Better yet I'm a sit on this chair right here 'cause I feel a bit lazy
Almost forgot to pull the curtains so no one can look in
And just when I'm about to utter U some words
Someone steps in
Embarrassed by the moment
I jump up and come up with some stupid excuse
Like I was looking for something
All while U were watchin' me patiently
Ready to give more chances
With the hope
That eventually at some point I will speak to U

U give me so much
U wait all day for a nod
A prayer or a thought
A thankful part of my heart

To all my moros back home
All day workin' hard
Struggling all week
Every dawn standing tall

I know U noticed that before lunch I looked around
I felt embarrassed to talk to U
That is why I didn't bow my head
Glanced 3 or 4 tables over, saw some of my friends talking to U
But I did not, there is still more time left
Hope that I will talk to U yet, but I
Went home and seemed as if I had lots of things to do
After that what is on TV
Suddenly I felt too tired to talk to U
Fell asleep in no time without a thought for U
I know it's hard to have a one sided conversation
Well give me some days to try again and again and again

Pasé por enfrente de tu casa esta mañana muy temprano
No me dio ni por llamarte, saludarte lo cual es muy extraño
Ahora que la luz está apagada estoy pensando
Si sólo cuando yo lo necesito conversamos
O si sólo cuando temo me haces falta
A cada instante tu retrato está en mi espalda
Me equivoco en muchas de cosas
Y defectos tengo más de cien
Estoy luchando, tú lo sabes bien

I came by your house very early this morning
I didn't stop to call you or say hi, and that's quite strange
Now that the lights are out, I'm thinking
If we only talk when I need it
Or if I only miss you when I'm afraid
I always carry you on my bag
Any moment you're out of my sight
I make mistakes in so many ways and
Faults, I have more than 100
I'm Struggling, you know I am

Appreciatin' is something I be forgettin'
Every second, 24/11, I?m a forgetful servant, I gotta be prayin' though
Appreciatin', when suffering, calamities call,
My soul be hospitalized and all gonna be alright

To all my moros back home
All day workin' hard
Struggling all week
Every dawn standing tall

To all my moros sheddin' tears
Still greet with warm smiles
Patiently throughout the years
Give praise to the most high

To all my moros back home
All day workin' hard
Struggling all week
Every dawn standing tall

To all my moros sheddin' tears
Still greet with warm smiles
Patiently throughout the years
Give praise to the most high


5 voice (s):

nisa at: July 24, 2009 at 9:39 AM said...

salam fieqa

i haven't listen to the song yet
but still, i wanna post a comment for you
no matter what,
i will always follow ur blog

after i listen to the song, i'll comment bout it later k


salam ukhuwah abadan, insyaAllah..

fieqa at: July 24, 2009 at 10:27 AM said...


do listen ok!
tp cam rap2 sket rentak dia
yet meaningful lyric!..

ayat ko.
klaka lak..

"but still, i wanna post a comment for you"

mengharap ke ek kata2 aku dlm blog nie.
sje je ckp camtu.hehe~
klo kite niat nk dpt komen byk,
y tu je la kite dpt,
klo niat kite ntok berkongsi kerana Allah, insyaAllah,
y tu la kite dpt..
pe2 pon depends kat niat kita kan dlm membuat sesuatu..
(menasihati diri sndiri.)

thanks for following..
much appreciated!

sile2 komen..=p

QilaRaft at: July 24, 2009 at 6:10 PM said...

bile org matang berkata2..haha

fieqa at: July 24, 2009 at 6:22 PM said...

kurenggg btolll ko!!


senyap2 sudaaa..hahahaha!!


aku x mampu lawan..kui3..=p

puteribonda at: August 12, 2009 at 2:47 PM said...

mana ader
aku tak rasa kau pk camtu
eit, br dengar lagu nie
cute ar


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