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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Read Comment

What do you feel when people do not satisfy with your works especially if you have tried the best to please everyone?
Is it rational to comment our work?
What do you feel then?
Do you respond thing in a matured way when dealing with other people?
Does your stress in your work is the reason on why you behave like that?
Sometime we feel that other people do not understand our situation rather than keep complaining and torturing our fault. Do you?

What's your answer?

You can answer these from any perspective which depends on your principle.
I'm not the one who is good at motivating other people but I just want to express my view regarding to one simple incident (I would not stress on this matter) which may affect some of people around us.
I would appreciate if you could continue your reading or you may misinterpret my writing.

Oh no.
Seems my writing is getting long which may affect your concentration,perhaps!
It is better to keep it short and sweet.

Just a piece of advice from me.
Try to handle situation or any problem that came across us in a handy way.
Try to control our emotion rather than been influenced by our emotion in a wrong approach.
And the most important, try to put ourself in others' shoes,
which I feel it is the perfect way to control ourself.
Try to respond in a very matured way in way to avoid having conflict with other people.
Be optimist in everything that we do!
Consider all the comments that have been said by other people are one of the opportunities for us to improve ourself.
Try to recognize other people's right to have different beliefs or practices without attempting to suppress them.
Good interpersonal skills should be practised! ^_^

Just remember,
In islam, we are taught to be patient in our life right?
So, why not we try to apply what we have known, in our daily life even it seems hard for some people to do it.
Be fair with yourself.

This is the time for us to reflect ourself!
Try to control our heart and mind.
Believe in me, it can be controlled even if we are trying so hard to control our ego.
But still, it can be slowly changed.
It is how you deal with situations and people.

Most importantly,these are the gentle reminders for me as well.
Sometimes, it is easy for us to just say it but it is hard to apply it in our life.
This is a challenge for me and you.

Allah does not change a people's lot unless they change what is in their hearts" (al-Ra'ad, 13:11)

And how to train ourself to be more matured and calm when handling with problems?
The answer is simple.
Try to read and understand the words from ALLAH.
It is believably superb and great!
I think that the words in the Al-Quran could slowly sooth our soul and strengthen our faith.
And this indirectly can make us to be more tolerate when dealing with any condition as well as to have a harmonic environment!

"Whoever follows the Quran will be guided by Allah, and no one can misguide, and whoever does not follow the Quran, will not be guided by Allah, will be misguided, and no one can guide."

Last words,
Make the zikir of Astaghfirullah for every bad word that we speak.
Modesty comes with faith.
Let's keep the track right! ^_^

2 voice (s):

~nazierah~ at: September 16, 2009 at 1:07 AM said...

bkak blog jap..
da susa nk on9
btul2 kak..
kdg2 tu kn, rse nk mlenting je
ble dh pnat2 wat,alih2 org snang2 je kmen yg mnykitkn hti =p..
tu yg pntingny kne rasionalizekn fkiran dlu kn..
and be patient!!
thanx 4 d advice kak..
elok je bce post nih..
tdi bru je rs cm xpuas ati sket..XD
kne bnyk2kn istighfar kn..
kk, tc sis!

fieqa at: September 16, 2009 at 10:00 PM said...


oh ye?..kat uma pon susa nk on9 ke.hehe
bz preparation raye eh??
btul2..kadang2 la..
tp snanya,bley je train hati kita ntok cool n relax in handling things.
klo nk pikirkan, wat pe nk melenting2 kan..
relax2 sudah..hehehe..

u'r correct in that sense..
rationalize our actions first to avoid any unexpected things to happen..

aiyark..kene la pulak ek.
akk wat sje2 je..coz ade encounter someting nie.
n terasa nk reflect balek kejadian tue..

byk2 kan istighfar,insyaALLAH..

take care jugak dik!..salam aidilfitri..:)

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