Last Breath!

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Last Breath!
Check out this rap-cool-static song!
Seriously,I could feel the 'aura' inside my nerves and soul when listening to this song.
Try to listen and digest the lyric!
It is so hideous!...Personally, it is hard to be explained by words!

A gentle reminder for us! Listen and try to deeply understand the lyric!
The young boy in the song is a metaphor. Just like us, a student who has many potential and faces many things in our life. And suddenly until the last moment where Allah wanted him to die!
The same goes to us. Allah can take our life at anytime He wants!

Digesting and reflecting. Thinking of my life. I'm so scared of myself .
Just imagine if we could not ask for His forgiveness before our last breath! =((
Seriously, I say this.
Hope it benefits you. InsyaAllah.

Last Breath by 3ilm ft. D Clique

Man I gotta make a change, and get back on track.
Cause when my heart stops there’s no turning back
I can try to hide, I can try to run
But when God wants me dead, it’s gonna be done

We got this young brother with a lot of potential
He’s good at all sports, gets all the gold medals
Started getting scouted by all the big schools
Making headlines in the daily news

Let it get to his head, started acting all cool
Thinks he’s superman, like nothing he can’t do
But a few days later, God sent him a sign
Sent him a flying car that almost hit him in the side

It gave him a scare, and even made the brother cry
But a few days later, he just pushed it aside
Figured he survived because he was too young to die
But little did he know that he was playing with fire

Championship game, the brothers on a roll
Making all the right moves and all the big goals
Started breathing hard going for the last hit
His heart stopped, game over, that’s it

Chorus1: (D-Clique)
Took my time in life for granted
With all this damage I’ve done to my iman, I can hardly stand
I’m on my knees…
One last breath here before I leave

Verse2: (Amir)
Man, so it’s true…
I’m finally here, what am I going to do?

I’m lying here waiting for the angel of death
Just took my last breath, staring at the sky
Asking God why, he wanted me to die
Wifee’s at home, my baby ain’t grown

Leaving them alone in this world its crazy
(I had) just let her know I wanted another baby
Don’t take your life for granted man
Every soul tastes death, just read the Quran

Heaven or hell, where will I go?
Didn’t know you could sweat when they took your soul
I sinned a little bit, did some good things also
Islam was the deen that I chose to follow

I’m lying here sweating, worried as hell
My future dwells in Allah’s will
When they bury me today, I pray I don’t see
The punishment of the grave, just Allah’s mercy

Chorus2: (D-Clique)
Now my soul is in my throat
And the life I used to lead, is calling me
And I don’t want no part of it no more
I don’t want Allah to see my flaws

Verse3: (Abdul-Aziz)
Aw man, help, help, help
Can anybody hear me? Help, help

Dark night, no light, the air so wet
Heart frightened, chest tightened, all this regret
Instead of protecting it, my deen I’ve neglected it
Terrified at the mass of sins I’ve collected and

Now its too late to right my wrongs
How’d I get to this state when I knew all along?
Angels on my shoulder they taking account
watched every move and they heard every sound

Watched me knowingly committing haram
While I was Ignored his signs showing me that I’m wrong
earned a place in the fire and I’m petrified
From both my eyes I begin to cry

And just as the Quran forewarned a deaf ear
I’m Up to my shoulders in sweat and tears
I feel the rising flames, my skin starts to boil
Consciousness regained, another chance to spoil

Chorus3: (D-Clique)
I got this burning in my heart and its here for ever
I got this fire in my eyes, it’ll last for ever
Cause the light don’t shine, its dark forever
Now my soul is so cold in this fire forever

Now my soul is in my throat
And the life I used to lead, is calling me
And I don’t want no part of it no more
I don’t want Allah to see my flaws

Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya kematian yang kamu lari daripadanya, maka sesungguhnya kematian itu akan menemui kamu, kemudian kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah), yang mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu Dia beritakan kepadamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan" (Al-jumu'ah 62:8)

Dan Allah sekali-kali tidak akan menangguhkan (kematian) seseorang apabila telah datang waktu kematiannya. Dan Allah Maha Mengenal apa yang kamu kerjakan. (Al-Munafiqun 63:11)

I just realised the existance of D-Clique Band.

Most of their songs are so cool yet bring great messages to the listeners.
Specifically in bringing islamic messages which indirectly could touch our soul to get closer to Him (InsyaAllah).
And one of them that I love most is "Better Days" by D-Clique.
Click here to listen to the song. It is so inspiring!
Still searching for more English songs which convey religious messages like Maher Zain, Zain Bikha, Yusuf Islam and so on.
Any idea guys? Thanks!


2 voice (s):

Illyza binti Ibrahim at: December 3, 2009 at 12:56 AM said...


bagusnya suka dgr lagu inggeris..
maybe coz ur course pon mmg in english kan...
but, it's good..
terutamanya bg org yg mmg suka dgr lagu inggeris kan..

just nk gtau..or mgkn fieqa dh tau..
ad gak lagu last breath versi malaysia..
yg dinyanyikan oleh hafiz hamidon..
i luv it..
disebalik rntaknya yg best,
lirik dy pon best gak..

slmt mendengar..(",)

tulip putih at: December 3, 2009 at 6:17 AM said...

wslm illyza!

actuly xde la suka sgt dgr lagu english, (nasyid y kontem still in da ranking =p)
but skrg ni cm minat la jugak cara mereka bwa msej islam dlm lagu2 mereka, espcialy maher zain, n so on..
seriously sgt2 besh..=)

oh yeke??
ade ek?
suka gaks dgr lagu hafiz hamidon coz lagu dia rancak2..hehe..=D
mybe x perasan kot.

encik you tube akn mmbantu jap lagi..

thanks hokeyh 4da info!
really appreciate it!

lately ni suka jugak dgr lagu bhsa arab..haha..ade idea x??..besh la pulak dgr..terasa cam sayu je.lme dah tinggal

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