dear classmates, what do you think of me?

Monday, August 3, 2009 Read Comment
Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Don't even have time for myself..
My life is full with so many commitments.
MKI thingy and also H1N1 alert.
Luckily my college doesnt have any. Syukur.
But still have to beware.
One thing to remember is,
Allah does not impose a burden upon man that he does not have the strength to bear, insyaAllah.

Just to release myself a bit. got something to share.
Since that this blog doesnt really share on who I am..
(there is a reason for that. Put first thing first~)
therefore, I just want to share on one activity aimed to instill self-motivated and self-improvement.
We are asked us to write any word describe our friends!

these are their answers! haha!

"you are very funny and kind friend" - ruhan

"remember! Discipline!" - shafiq

"hehe. You are very funny and also a friend who I can depend on. Thanks a lot for become a nice friend to me" - syins

"beatiful soul. enough said" - atiqa

"friendly and able to socialise easily. Good traits"

"cute and very vibrant! I love your laughter because it's very infectious! Haha. Keep it up..=)" - alicia

"very helpful friend. Always take good care of others' welfare" - yatie

"Dear Pika,
A very fanatic orange lover. A very talkative and understanding friend. You are funny dear" - ila

"Piqa, you are such a lovely person yet a bit clumsy. But you are very brave indeed" - hanz

"hello friend, You are very kind. Happy to know you here. You are very responsible. Keep it up!" - jega

"you are love and 'obses' with responsibilities" - munirah

You are very hardworking, dedicated and understanding person. Sometimes a bit talkative but never mind! I love to be your friend..=) " - dila

" I can put my shoulder on u to be cried on..such a wonderful and patient friend. Love you" - wanie

" Dear,
You are such a hardworking girl I ever seen. Your contributions will be paid one day. Good job deari. Keep it up" - yuges

"Dear piqa,
Love you my friend.
Talkative and I love to chat with you. A nice, caring, funny strong! " - nor

" very talkative! Love you very much... You are understanding, caring and focus to make something done on time" - iefa

"Dear fieqa,
I know you know how much I really appreciate you. Keep cheering up my day and thank you so much for being so understanding.." - iemadaud

Very talkative friend, opitmistic, cool in handling problems..Love to be friend with you..helpful also..
Love ORANGE..haha" - wayda

" U r a very hardworking girl I've ever met. Love dat!!"

" I can't imagine to ever survive without oppressing you for a day..OPPRESS means LOVE! haha!!.=)" - aliaa

"u talk a lot, very considerate, kind and always think about others. U also like to complicate simple things! hehe.." -yasmin

" very2 talkative. U love to talk. haha..very enthusiastic person. Love your way. Less talk ok..=)" - kak ten

" Pikachoo,
thought you were very annoying at first, but after knowing you, I am glad I know you! You have enthusiasm and you have always tried your best even in Math" - Daniel

"talkative (a lot). - your clumsiness makes your own uniqueness" - qilah

My response?

thanks my friends!
thanks for the friendship that all of you have given!

Hahaa! Am I too talkative?
I don't know.
Do their responses are relevant?


6 voice (s): at: August 3, 2009 at 6:22 PM said...


fieqa at: August 3, 2009 at 6:56 PM said...

ade ke korg kate aku talkative..pelik3~~..=p

...zUlaIkHA... at: August 5, 2009 at 6:23 AM said...

salam singgah..awak mang talkative pown..riuh dorm omarian E15 dlu..hheehe..salam sayang..hope to see you in our next daurah!

Aliaa Ezekiel at: August 6, 2009 at 5:19 AM said...

weh, pacat! kalo ko senyap, kitorg satu batch BISU! ko tau??!

ruhan kte ada lg dia tulis ko xpublish. aku pon rse mende yg sama..
"asal xpublish?" kte ruhan~

fieqa at: August 12, 2009 at 5:48 PM said...



lorhh..dok tahu pon ade blog..
dah singgah dah aritu..
hihi.kite ni bising ek..haha!
ye la kot..

salam sayang juga..insyaAllah
moge ketemu lagi di next daurah, dgn izinNya..

fieqa at: August 12, 2009 at 5:49 PM said...

aliaa ezekiel,

wei makcik..
ko ni.haha!
xde la aku bising maner pon.korg je y kate..
korg bisu? ke..jom try..haha!
tp boleh ke?

makcik, aku taep sebijik2 tw y kat kertas oren tue.
xde de..camtu je pon ruhan tulis..kuang2..=p

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